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A Look Ahead (Updated with Latest Rain Makeups)

Hello again all! Rain may have put a damper on the early part of the New Milford softball schedule this week, but that just means there will be more ball to play later this season. We have updated the next four weeks worth of games to include the rain makeups from April 26 and May 2. The May 3 rain postponements have yet to be announced but will be updated as soon as it is announced. As always, please be sure to check with your team manager to ensure that the updates are accurate and complete.

Next Four Weeks - Updated to include 5-2 Games

First Managers Meeting of 2016 New Milford Softball Season

With no snow on the ground, the start of the 2016 New Milford Parks and Recreation is right around the corner. To get things rolling along, the first meeting for managers has been announced.

The first meeting of the year will kick off for the women’s league on Monday February 1 from 6-7 p.m. at the Parks and Recreation Office on Bridge Street. The men’s meeting will take place immediately after from 7-8:30 p.m. All teams should have at least on representative to hand in the required forms (2016 Team Information Sheet and Unsigned Roster). The $150 deposit is also required at the meeting and any team that does not pay this may be subject to a late fee.

We will update following the meeting to announce what was discussed at the meeting whcih could include talk of a possible division re-alignment in the men’s league or even new umpires.

2013 Easton L7 Softball Bat Review

Easton L7
For any slowpitch softball player looking to grab a 2013-model bat for next season, now is the time to search for the best model for you. There are numerous models that are on closeout as warehouses look to rid their stock of older models so they have room for the new models which will be out in the coming weeks. Among those elite 2013 bats that you have a chance to get a discounted price is the Easton L7.

The Easton L7 is a bat that is made with an end-loaded feel that gives you the ultimate power swing. If you normally swing a 30oz. Demarini White Steel, you will be fine with just swinging a 28oz. L7. Much like with other Easton models, this bat was made with their ConneXion technology system which has eliminated the guessing game on where and how the energy is transferred throughout the bat.

The Eason L7 is constructed with IMX composite for the handle and THT100 scandium alloy for the barrel. The alloy used for this bat is ideal for extended bat life and also gives you a larger sweet spot to swing for the fences with. For those that enjoy the feel of a thinner grip, this bat gives you just with a 29/32″ handle, which is especially useful for those that have become used to the typical U-trip hand position.

2013 was a great year for Easton bats. The Easton L7 was one of the most popular for the company, surpassing the popularity of the L8. The Easton L7 is currently available for around $200 on Direct Sports and is perfect for those looking to finish up their fall ball seasons and stash away for 2014.