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Fantasy Baseball Busts Ready to Break Out

Heyward--Hobson Lopes credit
Jason Heyward is ready to break out for fantasy baseball players in the coming weeks.

At this stage in your fantasy baseball season, you should have a pretty clear idea of where you stand in your league. If you are one of the unlucky ones that has more All Stars on your disabled list than in your starting lineup, you need something big to happen. One of the best things that could happen to you would be those players that have failed to live up to the hype finding a way to turn it around as the weather gets hot. If any of these players are still available in your fantasy baseball league or anyone is openly shopping them around, do what you have to do to get them in your lineups now!

Jason Heyward, Atlanta Braves

The Braves have the second best record in the National League this season and it has mostly been because of their stellar pitching and timely hitting. One of the players that hasn’t done much hitting for the Braves has been Heyward. Coming into the season, some considered Heyward an MVP candidate, but through the first two months of the season, he was anything but that. He was hitting just .146 through the end of May, but has hits in nine straight and has raised his average to .207. If there was ever a time to snatch him up, it’s now.

Josh Hamilton, Los Angeles Angels

Hamilton fled Texas for greener pastures in beautiful sunny California, but his start on the west coast hasn’t been written like a movie script. His average has been hovering around .220 for several weeks and with just nine home runs and 20 RBIs, his numbers aren’t showing that he was worth the big payday he got. If someone in your league is trying to deal him, get him now. Don’t forget that Hamilton hit 43 homers a year ago and had 128 RBIs.

Hanley Ramirez, Los Angeles Dodgers

Ramirez has played in just nine games this season, leaving the Dodgers with a gaping hole at shortstop for most of the season. He is five games into his return and while he has just two hits in nine at bats, should help the Dodgers return to glory this season. Of course, they need other stars to come back from injury to pose a serious threat to the Diamondbacks or Giants, but that’s beside the point. With Ramirez, if you can find a way to land him now, do it because it is only a matter of time before he breaks out.