2016 DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Softball Bat

One of the most anticipated fastpitch softball bats each year comes from DeMarini. This year, the CF8, is the bat that softball players around the country want to swing. This bat, which comes in multiple sizes and weight drops will be one of the best bats you can swing this season and with a regular price of $369.99, is in line with what you would pay for any elite bat.

These bats are made with Paradox Plus+ Composite material, which created a stronger barrel, and is actually ready to go out of the wrapper. As soon as you swing this bat, you will notice the sweet spot is larger than most other fastpitch bats on the market. It has a revolutionary D-Fusion 2.0 handle that was made to redirect energy with your swing back to the barrel where you need the explosiveness.

Among the models you will be able to add to your bat bag this upcoming season include:

2016 DeMarini CF8 Insane Fastpitch End-Load DXCFI -10


2016 DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch DXCFS -11


2016 DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Hope DXCFH -10


2016 DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch  Slapper DXCFA -10


2016 DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch DXCFF -9


2016 DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch  Balanced -10


For more information on when this bat and the others in the DeMarini line, click the bat below.
DeMarini WTDXCFF CF8 -9 Fastpitch Softball Bat