DeMarini Custom Bats Allows More Individualism on Field

When it comes to competitive baseball and softball at any age or level, individualism among the players is obvious. When you walk into the bench area of any local parks and recreation slowpitch league, you will see guys wearing sleeves, towels, and other accessories that help them stand out above the others. Now, DeMarini, one of the premiere bat manufacturers in the world, is allowing users the chance to stand out even more with their own custom bat.


With, which will be launching later this year, you will be able to fully customize your bat. Before, the only real way to customize your bat was with the tape you used on your handle. With the upcoming release of this feature, you will be able to customize any of the following four bats.

  • 2015 Voodoo -3 BBCOR Baseball
  • 2015 Voodoo -10 2 ¾ Youth Baseball
  • 2015 ONE SlowPitch
  • 2016 Fastpitch (Coming this Spring)

This something these sports has been waiting for decades to see happen. With countless companies offering full-dye jersey packages and other services, it was only a matter of time before customized bats came up in the discussion.

If you head over to the website, you can sign up through email to be notified when the site officially launches and also be entered for a chance to win  customized bat of your own.