2014 Easton L1.0 Slowpitch Softball Bat Review

Since we are now officially in the spring season, it means that slowpitch softball is right around the corner for the millions of players that live in colder weather areas. For these players, the time has come and gone to be the first to have a certain bat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still own one of the top options out there, the 2014 Easton L1.0 slowpitch softball bat.

Easton 1.0 Slowpitch Softball Bat Review

2014 Easton L1.0 Slowpitch Softball Bat

This Easton slowpitch softball bat is hot directly out the wrapper and has turned into one of the top bats for power hitters. The L.0 is end-loaded like all the L-Series bats and was constructed with the ConneXion Technology that Easton is known for using when blending together multiple piece bats. The handle on the L1.0 softball bat is the IMX composite material which is known for providing users with a massive sweet spot. The composite used on the handle is the SIC Black Carbon, which provides a solid feel when getting ready to make contact. The handle has a super thin gauze grip on the handle, which is ideal for those players that don’t like to have a thick grip.

When you first swing the L1.0 in batting practice or game situations, it might appear to feel stiff, but that will go away with times. The new grip on this bat may be rough for some, but that can be resolved with batting gloves or a little pine tar. As soon as your teammates begin to swing with it, it will become the most popular bat on your bench and over time, this can lead to issues, but it does come with a 12 month warranty.

Another issue some users might have is its extreme end-loaded feel. It can be too heavy for some to swing depending on what size end load you have, but this problem can be resolved by telling your teammates to get their own.

The 2014 Easton L1.0 Raw Series bat is eligible for use in NSA, ISA, ISF and USSSA leagues and is available for $300.

Worst Spring Training Injuries of 2014

We are just a few weeks away from the real baseball season beginning and fans around the country are already reeling and quickly turning away from their television sets from the sight of injuries. One team – a perennial World Series candidate – has lost two starting pitchers, and several other teams have lost key players from their lineups and rotations. What are the worst spring training injuries thus far?

Brandon Beachy and Kris Medlen – Atlanta Braves

The defending National League East champions were believed to be the favorites by many pundits to win the NL pennant this season. They were supposed to have their young rotation led by Medlen and Beachy, but both left a start early last week with pain in their throwing arm. Medlen will have his second Tommy John surgery and will miss the entire 2014 season. Beachy has been shut down already after barely getting his fastballs to the mid-80s. Add in the fact the Mike Minor will miss the start of the season and the Braves could be on their way to a terrible April. They signed Ervin Santana this week and had already re-signed Freddy Garcia and signed Gavin Floyd in the offseason, but in the case of Floyd, he is coming off TJ surgery of his own.

Luke Hochevar – Kansas City Royals

With Kansas City looking to get back to the promise land, they knew that Hochevar was going to be a big part of their bullpen. Instead, he will have Tommy John surgery himself and will miss the season. Last year – his first as a reliever – Hochevar was lights out, going 5-2 with a 1.92 ERA. He will be hard to replace and without many options left in free agency, so they will need to look from within the organization for help.

Andy Dirks – Detroit Tigers

The potential starting left fielder for the Tigers this season will miss 12 weeks (8 weeks of regular season) because of lower back surgery. Dirks isn’t known as a player that will light you up, but he is a reliable bat and a steady fielder. The Tigers have options as to who can replace him, as they signed Rajai Davis in the offseason and also have three other players who could get time: Trevor Crowe, Ezequiel  Carrera and Steve Lombardozzi.


Best 2014 BBCOR Baseball Bats

A few weeks ago, I covered what I thought were three of the best BBCOR baseball bats for the 2014. After that article, I decided to take a deeper look at those same bats, as well as those that I missed in that article. With that said, here is the complete guide to 2014 BBCOR baseball bats.

Rip it Air
The Rip it Air is a $300 bat that allows you to get your hands through the strikezone with a quicker swing. For the Air series, Rip It essentially started over and redesigned their bats to make them one of the best for baseball players. This bat was constructed with a single piece, R2 aluminum alloy material that allows Rip It to produce these bats with thinner walls, while still maintaining its durability. To remove any unnecessary weight from the bat, Rip It used Rifle Barrel Technology that doesn’t affect the stability of the bat. This bat comes with a 400 day warranty against defects and also has a 30 day money back guarantee.

Demarini CF6
This $400 bat is another that is considered to be one of the best on the market for the upcoming baseball season. DeMarini redesigned this CF6 BBCOR bat, much like Rip It did with the Air series. This bat was made with a Paradox Composite barrel and D-Fusion handle. The latter removes all vibration from the bat, which will make colder weather games more fun everywhere. There is an even weight distribution on this bat and after eliminating excess weight from the inside of the barrel, the baseball players will be the ones that benefit. This bat is approved for use in high school and collegiate leagues and comes with a 12 month warranty.

Rawlings TRIO
One of the most underappreciated BBCOR bats available in 2014 is the Rawlings TRIO. This bat retails for $400 and is with Rawlings TRIO technology which combines the different pieces needed to make this a solid bat for high school and college players around the country. Rawlings used a Comp Lite Endcap on this bat, which has more composite fibers and allows you to get it through the zone quickly. The barrel of the bat was made with 5150 aluminum alloy, which is the most durable aluminum available to the company. The bat has a large barrel diameter that has a larger sweet spot, which allows for more pop with each swing.

DeMarini Voodoo Overlord
Available for $300, the Voodoo Overlord has a D-Fusion handle that eliminates the vibration and improves the overall feel of the bat. When you swing this bat, it feels stiff, but still provides a trampoline effect with the ball when contact is made. They made the handle with carbon reinforced Paradox Composite that is stiff and allows for a better transfer of energy. The barrel was made with aluminum alloy that is rigid and has been tested and proved to have the best barrel wall thickness. This bat also has a RCK Knob that is ergonomically comfortable when swinging. For power hitters, this end loaded bat is one that will lead to a padding of home run counts.

Rip It Air Elite
While the Rip It Air is considered to be one of the best BBCOR bats on the market today, the Rip it Air Elite takes it even further in terms of production. This bat retails for $400 and has a composite handle to go with the traditional Rip It R2 aluminum in the barrel. This 2014 bat was the first time the company ever made a BBCOR bat with a composite handle and considering how much acclaim the bat has received already, it won’t be the last. The material allows for an even more balanced swing than with the basic Rip It Air and allows the power hitters on your team to reach the fences.

Marucci Black
The Marucci Black BBCOR baseball bat was made with aerospace grade aluminum and composite materials that are crafted together by their trained staff of engineers. This bat features an extended barrel length, which combined with a counterbalanced knob gives you a larger sweet spot and more balance throughout your swing, something that other bat manufacturers have struggled to do in the past. Those that hate the sting that you get from some bats will be happy to see that Marucci uses a Kevlar reinforced grip that will keep your hands safe.

Easton MAKO
To many, this is the cream of the crop of the 2014 line of BBCOR baseball bats. The Easton MAKO is one of the most expensive BBCOR bats for the upcoming season with a $499.95 retail cost, but it is one that is considered to be worth it. The bat is meant to get your bat through the zone quicker than with any other bat and has a large sweet spot that will aid you in your quest to hit bombs. Easton used new technology with their 2014 line of bats that increased the length of the barrel, reduced the MOI and overall, increased the speed of the bat. The bat was constructed with TCT Thermo Composite Technology including their patented ConneXion technology that ensures all the energy is properly displaced.