2014 DeMarini Juggernaut Bat Preview

The 2014 line of DeMarini bats have been talked about since pre-orders began being taken last fall. One of those bats that has been popular with pre-orders is the 2014 DeMarini Juggernaut, or what it is usually known as, the Juggy.

2014 DeMarini Juggernaut


The Juggernaut is a two-piece composite bat is extremely end-loaded, making it ideal for power hitters. It comes in 34″ lenghts ranging from 26-30 ounces. The barrel of this bat has a triple wall that has been proven to be lightweight and durable. It also has a giant sweet spot that propels the ball off it with solid contact and it was finished off with a “Big D” end cap that was designed to keep all energy from leaving the bat and instead, transferring to the ball with contact.

The handle of the bat was made with TR3 FLO composite, and given their experience in excellently blending together two pieces to make a bat, you can be assured that the 2014 DeMarini Juggernaut is the best bat for you this season.


  • Cost – $299.99
  • 12″ Stacked Composite Barrel
  • TRS FLO Composite Handle
  • Big D End Cap
  • Approved for Use in ASA and ISF Leagues
  • 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty

To get your hands on this amazing bat, click here.

2015 Worth Sick 454 Greg Connell ASA Bat Preview

2015 Worth Sick 454 Greg Connell ASA Bat Preview

We haven’t even started the 2014 slowpitch softball season in the northeast and there is already an uproar being created online about the newest bats to be released in the 2015 line. If the 2014 line of softball and baseball bats was the most talked in the offseason in the past 10 years, the 2015 line of bats has a lot of catching up to do. Several bat manufacturers are trying their best to make this happen including and especially Worth.

Worth, a company that is currently under the K2 Sports and Rawlings umbrella, has three bats scheduled to be released in early March that are well worth their cost and will lead to solid performance this upcoming season.

2015 Worth Sick 454 Greg Connell

2015 Worth Sick 454 Greg Connell ASA

Scheduled for release in the first few weeks of March, the Worth Sick 454 Greg Connell ASA bat is selling for $249.95 and like most other Worth bats, is already being pre-ordered like crazy. It is made of a single piece of composite that was designed and engineered to have a stiff taper flex. This bat is made in the United States and uses Worth’s new 454 USA technology which consists of a two-phase resin system. That system makes the carbon material used in the construction of the bat hot out of the wrapper and meant to last.

The 454 is Connell’s signature bat is one of the best slowpitch softball players in the world and one of the toughest outs in USSSA tournaments. In September, he used his Sick 454 bat at the Men’s Major World Series and hit .852 (23-for-27) with 8 home runs and 20 RBIs in just five games.

The other three hot out of the wrapper bats that Worth is scheduling to release in the coming weeks include the 2015 Worth Legit Senior League and the 2015 Worth Sick 454 Resmondo ASA bats. The latter retails for $249.95 and the former is $10 cheaper at Cheap Bats on pre-order. The senior league bat is made of two composite pieces that are designed for the perfect flex and it is sanctioned for use in numerous leagues.

The Resmondo bat has a massive end loaded feel, which is the ultimate must have for most power hitters. It was constructed with just a single piece and is meant to give you more feedback with solid contact. This bat is hot out of the wrapper and ready to get in your bag before the season starts in a few months.

Unique Sports Themed Memorabilia For Your Home

For most fans of professional sports, there are countless items that are available for purchase that will show our visitors what teams you are a fan of. These banners, posters and other memorabilia are cool, but they aren’t unique. While looking around for different baseball themed items to get for my home, I stumbled across these items that are unique and perfect to add to get for your home. Here are a few of the most unique sports themed memorabilia items to get for your home.

‘Ballparks Then and Now’


This unique book gives you a different look at all of your favorite ball parks and would make for a great conversation piece on your coffee table.

New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays Lineup Card


For any fan of the Yankees or Rays, this is something that is far more unique than a basic poster or banner. It will be the centerpiece of many conversations over a couple of beers.

Rules of the Man Cave 8×10 Plaque


Any man that claims to have the ultimate man cave is lying unless they have this plaque hanging from the wall that explain all the rules of said man cave.