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For most men, having enough room in their home to build a bar is the dream. Whether it is in the basement, garage or is part of a full-blown man cave, a home bar is a perfect location for poker night or to watch your favorite sports. Part of what sets one personal bar apart from the other is what you have hanging from your walls. When we go to sporting events, we tend to take pictures of memorable moments. Now, we all have the chance to take those memorable moments we shot with our cameras or cell phones and turn them into a beautiful canvas. is currently offering a promotion that will allow you to get 40 percent off all Radiant Orchid prints and wall art, including various sports images ranging from Wrigley Field in Chicago, Ill. to the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Oh.

You can own a copy of this great canvas featuring the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, OH.
You can own a copy of this great canvas featuring the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, OH.

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Ryan Freel Diagnosed with CTE

Ryan Freel
Ryan Freel, the former Major League Baseball player that spent most of his career with the Cincinnati Reds has become the first MLB player to be diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The only way for a person to be diagnosed with CTE is examining their brain after their death. Freel committed suicide in December 2012 at the age of 36.

The diagnosis of Freel’s condition is a scary sign of what is to come for many baseball, football and hockey players. When Freel played, he had reckless abandon, which led to many concussions. Trauma to the brain, whether small or big hits, can lead to CTE. In the case of Freel, he had Stage 2 CTE which can be associated with memory loss and erratic behavior. Stage 4 if the worst possible form of the disease can be associated with aggression, paranoia and dementia.

The diagnosis of Freel with this condition is something that should worry the baseball community just like it does professional football. Dozens of baseball players are placed on the disabled list each year with concussions, especially catchers. Of the 18 big league players put on the DL in 2013, 10 of them play behind the plate. Over the past several years, the number of players going on the DL has grown and has affected many of the top players in the sport including former American League Most Valuable Player, Justin Morneau.

The fact that concussions are becoming more relevant in baseball is something that MLB needs to take notice of and begin working on ways of helping its players. We have seen players like Morneau struggle to produce as well post-concussion as he did previously, but more importantly, who knows the damage being done to the brain.

One thing MLB could look at doing to help prevent concussions is ban home-plate collisions. There have been several dangerous collisions in the past several years that have injured catchers, so the fight against concussions could start here.

For more information on what CTE is, visit the Boston University School of Medicine and Sports Legacy Institute website.

Best Discounted Softball and Baseball Storage Organizers

With an abundance of online stores trying to get a piece of the holiday shopping market, it can only mean great things for you. With less than three weeks until Christmas, time is quickly running out to cross off each name on your shopping list. For those baseball and softball players on your shopping list, what are some of the best discounted softball items you can get for an athlete that needs a little help organizing?

VoodooDeMarini Voodoo Backpack

While many people prefer to put all their softball hear in a rolling bag as they head from their car to the bench, another ideal way is with a backpack. This backpack is spacious, allowing you to stash your cleats, two fielding gloves, about a dozen softball softballs and two water bottles. There is even a separate compartment that will allow you to keep you clothes protected from dirt while you play. (SWLS-WTA940100)

Easton Coach’s Bucket Cover

For the people that are responsible for transporting all the equipment to and from baseball and softball games and practices, this Easton coach’s bucket cover is perfect for you. This cover can fit buckets up to six gallons and is made of polyester, which is durable and made to last. It has a soft-cushioned top that also has pockets for pens, lineup cards and other pockets to store all your necessities. (CP-1237238)

Aluminum Fence Bat Rack

Anyone who has spent any time on the bench of  baseball or softball field can attest to the fact that the bats get messy and dirty as they are thrown around after each at bat. With this aluminum fence bat rack, you will be able to keep all your expensive tools out of the dirt. It is a lightweight tool that would fit directly inside your Voodoo backpack and can hold 10 bats. (MW-HK24701)

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