2013 Rip-It Prototype 1.20 Slowpitch Softball Bat Review

rip-it-s13us-softball-batOne of the latest bat companies to attack the slowpitch softball bat market is Rip-It. While Easton, Demarini and Miken make the most popular bats that have been produced for years, the Rip-It name is slowly taking over a small chunk of the market. One of their best bats that was released this year was the Prototype 1.20. This bat is not legal for ASA sanctioned leagues, but for those competing in ISA, NSA and USSSA leagues, should you consider adding this hot composite bat to your bag?

The bat is 34″/28 oz. and is made to give you the ultimate power with each swing. The bat has the traditional barrel size of 2 ¼” and gives you a slightly end loaded feel, which for anyone that used the 2012 Demarini White Steel, can attest to the extra power you get with end loaded bats. Add in the fact that this bat is hot out of the wrapper, is comprised of a sweet spot that takes up the entire barrel and it will make you feel like you should be competing in the Border Battle softball game.

For those that like to swing softball bats with thicker handles, you may need to add some extra tape to the grip. It has a smaller handle like the Anderson Bat Company bats, but the attached grip is meant to help lessen any vibration and pain that may arise during your swing. If you don’t mind the thinner handles, you shouldn’t have any problem getting extra grip on this bat for every swing.

One of the things that make Rip-It bats stand out is their warranty. When other popular companies offer a 365-day warranty against dents, cracks and breaks, Rip-It is the only company that allows users 30 days to sample their product to see if it works as advertised on top of their 400-day warranty against dents, cracks and breaks. For those that don’t trust newer companies, this bat is worth the shot. I don’t see anybody wanting to return it once you take a few cuts.

For those looking to add the Prototype to their bat bag, you can purchase it from Cheap Bats at a reasonable price.

Tim Hudson Carted Off the Field in Braves 8-2 Win

k-mediumIt was another typical Atlanta Braves performance in Queens on Wednesday night. Behind stellar pitching from Tim Hudson and a five run fifth inning led by a Dan Uggla three-run home run, the Braves cruised to an 8-2 victory. Unfortunately for Atlanta fans, nobody is celebrating tonight. In the eighth inning, while covering first base on an infield grounder by Eric Young Jr., Hudson had his right ankle stepped on and the veteran immediately went down.

The injury appeared to be extremely severe and the medical staff at Citi Field were needed and Hudson was carted off the field. We won’t know until tomorrow the severity of the injury, but it is almost an obvious call that Hudson’s season – his 10th with the Braves – was ended by the injury.

For the Braves, this will test their deep rotation and see if they can get it done without the talented veteran leading the troops. With Hudson down, the team will rely more than ever on Mike Minor and Kris Medlen to be the aces of the staff, while Julio Teheran, Paul Maholm and either Alex Wood or Brandon Beachy will need to pick it up.

At 38, the injury could signal the end of Hudson’s legendary career that has seen him win 205 games, or he could be like Chipper Jones and decide to stick around one more season. Either way, the 2013 Braves will miss Hudson in their rotation for the final playoff push. Oh yeah, and if you were wondering, if that is the last play of Hudson’s career, he got the out.

UPDATE: 10:51 P.M. ET… ESPNs Baseball Tonight reported the injury as a fractured ankle, which does not bode well for Hudson taking the mound again this season.

Top Boston Red Sox in the Hall of Fame

200px-Ted_Williams_BBall_Digest_May_1949_rawWith the Curse of the Bambino long gone in Beantown, fans of the Boston Red Sox can finally just enjoy their team and watch the Chicago Cubs and their curse keep them from winning the World Series. Over the years, the Red Sox have been a team filled with legendary players, as well as their fair share of “idiots.” For every Manny Ramirez, there was a Ted Williams. For every Johnny Damon, there was a Jimmie Foxx. For every Pedro Martinez, there was Lefty Grove. Who are the top Boston Red Sox in the Hall of Fame?

Name, Position, Year Inducted, Percentage of BBWAA

Lefty Grove, Pitcher, 1947, 76.40 percent

During his career, Grove went 300-141. He spent the final eight seasons of his 17 year career with the Red Sox and totaled 105 of those wins. He may not have played as well in his later years as he did with the Philadelphia Athletics, but he was still inducted into the hall as a Red Sox player. As a Red Sox, he led the league in ERA four times and shutouts once.

Wade Boggs, Third Base, 2005, 91.86 percent

If there was ever a player that Boston fans wish could have won a World Series with their team, it was Boggs. He spent the first 11 years of his career with Boston before leaving for the rival New York Yankees, but despite that, fans will remember him for being one of the greatest players in history. He won five batting titles including four straight from 1985-88.

Ted Williams, Left Field, 1966, 93.38 percent

Arguably the No. 2 greatest player of all time, the Splendid Splitter is easily one of the Top Boston Red Sox in the Hall of Fame. He played his entire 19 year career with the Red Sox and despite missing three years to serve in WWII, put on a show each time he went out there. He won six batting titles including 1941 when he hit .406. He led the league in home runs four times and is the all time leader in OBP.

Carl Yastrzemski, Left Field, 1989, 94.63 percent

Yaz is another of the greatest players of all time. He spent his 23 year career playing with the Red Sox, winning one MVP (1967) and being a consistent offensive threat. At various times in his career, he led the league in hitting, walks, home runs, RBIs, doubles, hits, runs, OBP and slugging percentage. In every year of his career with the exception of one, he hit at least 10 home runs on his way to 452 for his career.

Many Red Sox fans may wonder why I left off Jim Rice, Foxx or Carlton Fisk, but when you look at it, these four players were the best. If you disagree, let me known in the comments section below. Have a great weekend everyone and we’ll be back on Monday with the Top Baltimore Orioles in the Hall of Fame.